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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose TEAM CRAVE!


1. World Class Coaching: Sensei Yaniv is a Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Expert and High Level Competitor.

2. Coaching Staff Is: Professional, Friendly, High Energy, Fun, Motivational, Passionate, Experts in the Art.

3. Facility: Clean and 1 of a kind, 5000 sqft with the best Grappling mats, Full Gym Area, & Locker Rooms. 

4. Family: That is the vibe you will get when you are part of TEAM CRAVE. No Egos, No Attitudes, Only Love.

5. Curriculum: Many Schools have no curriculum on how they program there training. We have a step by step           Simple system for our students that breaks down by level and for kids breaks down by age group. 

6. We Care: Sensei Yaniv is 1000% Passionate about his Students and his Academy, If there is any issue it will get Fixed ASAP. 

7. Attendance: If you miss class, we will call, text, Facebook you. Many Schools once the student enrolls they forget About them. NOT US!!!

8. Progress: We Will set goals for you to hit and create you a road map to get to your goal. 

9. Events: At least once a month TEAM CRAVE gets all the members together for a fun event such as Paintball, Bowling, UFC Fight Nights, BBQ, Beach, and parks. 

10. Bushido Code: We are 100% Bushido so many schools claim they are but they are the farthest thing from it, we don't just preach it we live it daily.  The Code: #1 Rectitude #2 Benevolence #3 Politeness #4 Honesty #5 Honor #6 Loyalty #7 Character 


 Can I afford to train ?

The answer is can you afford not to? With all the awesome benefits such as Stress Relief, Happiness, Fitness, Health, Confidence, Better Mood, Self Defense and to be a part of a Positive Family it is just a NO BRAINER  to join Team CRAVE. 


The small monthly Investment is so miniscule that the benefits out weigh the cost by 1000 times. The skills, the journey and the training you get will last a lifetime. We  spend $1000's on clothing, fast food and a bunch of other stuff that we don't need. STOP Wasting your money on stuff you dont need, and Invest in yourself #1 ASSET "YOU" 

You only have one body and one life enjoy it 




We offer discounts to  Police, Fire, Law Enforcement, Full Time Students and Family Members

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or email us a question. CONTACT US

Posted on 4/1/2011

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